Sunday, March 22, 2009

There is a place in my heart for your sweet love!

There is a place in your heart ,
Take me there!
Take me to the sweet soft, compassionate thoughts for your first little kitten!
Take me to the trusted corner that you created for your sweet little friends!
Take me to the pudding like, icecream filled, sweet resort that you played with your little friends!
I wanna know , why you suddenly left laughing incessantly, freely!
I wanna feel the pain that haunts you ,so often now.
I wanna you to be free again, free of pain , sorrow and regrets!
I wanna you to fly high now
Like a beautiful seagull nesting in our backyard lawn.
I wanna you to soar the skies
Like that littl Jonathan Seagull
Chasing the sea waves
 Running ,hopping on the beautiful Karachi Clifton beach!
In the sunshine, at sunrise, at  sunset
Gold, blue, teal!
My love ,my babe!