Monday, January 26, 2009

Barren Land

Nobody visits here anymore!
Where are the joys gone?
Nobody wants to laugh and run in the sunshine.
Where have the holidays gone?
O free world laugh again for the freedom of your nation
Laugh again for happiness' sake and donot kill your joys,
Do not be a kill joy for others.
May freedom, democracy and first right be your guiding light,
This Christmas and always!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Old Photographs

 Sifting through a pile of dusty old photographs
A high wave of memories fills my giddy head
Drowning my frail body in the water of memories,seas of reminences.
All my life now an album,
A swift film of sequences,episodes,
Instances of importance,
Some small, yet  non-erasable.
Friends young,old and precious
All gone,now only a memory.
 I sift through them
 I see my life unfold
Graduation, professional life.
What I did and what I did not.
Success, excitement, achievement
Regret,loss and repentance,
All drowned in the sands of time,
Lost in strength and their intensity.
All emotions,
Love ,hate,joy and sorrow,
 Intense then,
Sublime now.
Ah how memories come back rushing
A life well lived,
Life's only purpose,
 Now just a memory.
As I write my poems,
I will pass on to my child, my memories,
Through these photographs!

That Child In Me

Oh dear I am running along slimy banks,

In my nintendo,cyber world,eating worms,jelly fish,

All made of my mom"s favorite chocolate recipe!

Here comes a monster or is it my sister?

Here comes a teacher or is it my father?I run and run fast along the slimy banks,

Swishing mud,grub,slime all over,somebody's clothes,somebody's face,

I run,run and run!