Monday, January 26, 2009

Barren Land

Nobody visits here anymore!
Where are the joys gone?
Nobody wants to laugh and run in the sunshine.
Where have the holidays gone?
O free world laugh again for the freedom of your nation
Laugh again for happiness' sake and donot kill your joys,
Do not be a kill joy for others.
May freedom, democracy and first right be your guiding light,
This Christmas and always!


  1. I wrote this piece for American people after 9/11. Ironic that now our own beautiful Swat has become like this. Our ordinary folks,people like you and me, poor students,workers,bearers,drivers, used to go there for a cheap but very enjoyable holiday. We used to feel more patriotic after these trips. Now it is out of bounds. What tragedy!

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  3. well said,except "freedom, democracy and first right" does not exist in this land of pure.