Monday, February 23, 2015

The Poems Of Eternal Dance Of Love By Zulfikar Ghose.

The Cosmic Dance

The Ascension

To rise again in your presence
Ao have no past, to expect no future
Aas on that night when you sweet vision
Held me in your embrace
As if light had arms
And unheard music.....
A woman's hand
Caught thus by you in that  embrace
More than your body

It seemed a whole age
Of enlightenment, held my mind amazed
With new fleshed ideas
And altered the customary method of carnal discourse

There is nothing more beautiful than this
All the substance of life compressed
So closely within your arms
And your lips in a protracted kiss
Sucking my soul free from its bondage to heated flesh

As when past the jet's starboard wing
A pink line on the horizon at dawn
Seen on the flight at forty thousand feet
Shocks one's disbelief
At being  unconnected with the earth
For there, risen

The sun spreads its beams to commence
The cosmic dance
And the intuition springs
Of divine presence in one's limbs
As if one's soul partnered the Sun
So too your attraction confirms the sense
Of my being

Pulled strongly into the orbit
Of a heavenly body
Hold me there in perpetual revolution
When I have risen to you
My booster self abandoned spinning to earth
In my ascent.

 The Shiver

But why that sudden eagerness
With which you drew me through the garden gate
Past the poplars and the old yew tree
Not a word was spoken though encoded
In transmissions my mind received sacred

Ceremonies were enacted
as in a ritual initiation 
where priests read from illuminated texts
We'd entered the garden
Where light falling through the sycamore tree
On dragonflies
hovering above white lilies
made their fluttering wings look like glitter
being thrown by a festive crowd at  a marriage
And where you drew me away to the camouflage 
Of light and shade

In which our two bodies appeared
Like a trembling reflection on water
How the light shivered and the shadows shook
Not a word was spoken
Just a shiver where the light parted
For the soul's transport

The Possessed

I was looking for you ,still am
Like a scientist in his research lab
Who must keep tearing his hypothesis
With new experiments
To prove the idea that had struck him
When listening to a Bach Cantata
Heavens what visions come when we least expect them
Was it or was it not a fact that you
Held my arm and pulled me 
As if on a sudden impulse to where a dimmed lamplight
Cast a golden glow
That transformed
Solid objects to things that loosely float
How difficult it is to believe now
The evidence of light
In which subtly infused you appeared like Salome
Stripping off her successive veils 
To reveal the suggestive illusion
Of her flesh
Dancing for the crazed 
O but the sensation was sharp enough that a distinct perfume
Whirled about me 

As if in a temple I stood
Amid incense smoke before an idol 
A warm persuasion of piety
Spiraling up my brain
And mystifying my vision
As when with dilated
Pupils after an eye exam
The world appears floodlit
But all one sees is a confusion of appearances
An abstract expression
Of the material contours of form
But then as through
Apertures between fast drifting
Banks of cloud one sees
A sunlit landscape
During a plane's steep descent
Your image flashed on my consciousness
So clearly in full frame
Closeups of when you possessed me
That I shut my eyes to keep fixed
In my mind your exposed body 
From that fleeting revelation
And knew that there I could hold you always
Rejecting the proof that I but consorted with illusion

The Adoration

My belief has nothing to do with that
Ostentation of piety
When I fell suddenly into your embrace
And thought this sudden ecstasy 
Must be the soul's palpitation
After the flesh has dissolved

O not into dew,nor even
A subatomic particle that flies
Faster than light to some unseen heaven
But become an absence of self
As when ,entranced by the Virgin's beatific

Smile in the rosy light falling
On her rosy lips from a high stained glass window
Not faith but pagan longing makes one draw
All temporal tension
From one's flesh  and in one burst our it all
In a mental transfusion into the sculpted
Form of eternal divine beauty
Forgive me this abstract adoration
This unbeliever's trick
Which converts to a faith's confirmed dogma
A wild heathen

Passion that plucks the soul's delight
From a Dionysian sensuality
And loses the self in toxic pleasure
But what's divinity,then
If not a vision of beauty so incredible

Its truth bursts as revelation
During the blinding flare of orgasm and
Remains a puzzling dream
But believe me my dear
When plastic surgeons can mimic 
The form of heavenly beauty

With silicone implants
Sculpt goddesses of earthly clay
Were you Olympia
Hearing the doll's song would crank
My virile mechanism
Into fine tuned adoration 
Of your assembled parts

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