Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yeh Tera Haseen Faraib...Ah, your sweet deception.

Mein tu samjhee thee ke tu mera hai hamdam, dilbar
Mere Is weeran se dil ki baharon ka payam
Mein thi shayad mubtila aik faraib mein
Tere haseen dilruba faraib mein.
Teri un nasheelee aankhon ka jhoota sa faraib
Teri us naghmageen awaz ka meetha sa faraib
Tere boson ka faraib
Teri baahon ka faraib
Tere us jism ka faraib
Jo mein samjhee thee muhabbat ka meri hai paimana
Tere un lamhon ka faraib
Jo guzare the tu ne mere piyaar ko lubhane ko
Aik haseen, daghabaz faraib
Aik haseen dhoka, ek jhoot

Mein nahi chor ke jaa sakti hun phir bhi
Is haseen jaal ko,yeh tera faraib
Mera toota hua khwaab bhi hai mujhko aziz
Tera jhoota piyaar, tera faraib
Mein hun mubtila tere piyaar mein aye harjai
Yeh tera daam-e faraib, mere harjai

Tu mujhe lota dai mere dil ka saroor
Mein samajh jaaon gi saccha tera jhoota wada
Mein giriftar hun teri muhabbat mein tere daam-e faraib
Aik jhoota sa nasha hai mere jism ko lagta
Aakhire shab ka ho jaise eik saccha wada
Bas hun thame mein kharee is dorahe par
Mein nahi chor saktee tera yeh jhoota sa faraib.

(Aik Zalim Pagal Larke Ke Naam..AmyWinehouse ki death par Meherzaidi key kuch shair)


Ah, I desire you intensely, my deceptive lover
I desire your companionship
In this autumn dwelled heart of mine
A spring's sweet promise!
Ah, this sweet deception
Your love's sweet guile
Sweet, enticing guile 
Of your beguiling eyes
Of your melodious voice
Of your enamouring kisses
Of your enslaving arms
Of your body's sweet warmth
That I thought was my desire's trophy
The deception of the moments that we spent together
Ah, this beautiful deception
Ah, this beautiful lie, this myth shattered
But nay, I cannot leave this love and go away
This beautiful web, this deceptive love
My shattered dream is also precious to me
Precious your deceptive love
Your beguiling ways
I am in love with you, O deciever
I am entrapped by your love!

Give me back my heart's joys
I will take as true your false promises
I am enslaved by your love
I am enticed by your treacherous ways
My body is addicted to your love,to your lustful desires
I believe to be true your false promises
Just like a vow given at the last moment of the night
I pause at this crossroads
I cannot leave this beguiling love, your love!

(A poem by Meherzaidi)
Meherzaidi,the poet.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jalta Gulistan, Bhujhte log

A Sindhi hari girl.
Aap yahan aye kiun
Aap Urdu bolne waale
Aap bhoke nange aaye
Sab he aatey hain bhoke nange
 Is bairan, beraagi dunya mein
Is bhuki nangi dunya mein
 Is bhuke nangi basti mein
Koi bhi boli bolein
Bhook nang bhook nang hi rahte hai
Koi bhi bhasha gaayein
Bhalo ya phir ultee seedhi
Bhook nang aur aflas to nazar aatee hai
Jo is nayee basti ka muqaddar ban gayee hai
Jo hai muqaddar
Jo is nayee basti ka hai khota sikka
Chalta hai har dam har so
Tum baat  karo ya chup raho
Hum  tum ko aise marein ge
Hum tum ko aisa katein ge
Aik aik din mein sau sau
Jab maar pare ge dekho ge
Kiyun ke 
Tum Urdu bolne wale ho
Tumri boli bhalo na bashe
Bilkul waise he jaise
Unki boli bhalo na bashad
Woh jo is neye desh ke liye maare gayee
Chorde gaye , kaate gaye
Woh desh jo ab ek khwab hua 
Kuch sach hua
Kuch be hisaab hua
Ab kehti hai aik boordhi bhooki  maan
Hum ab aur bete nahin katwaen ge
Tum hamare khoon ka hisaab do
Is desh ko basti banane ka hisaab do
Yeh des jis ka bhook aur aflas muqaddar hai
Is des ka jahan ke bhooke nange log
Badin se Sehwan tak,
Rohri se Sukkur tak hairan hain , pareshan hain
Kuch log abhi tak zinda hain
Achey waale mare gaye
Aur ghurbat har soo chayee hai
Aik zillat ab tak chayee hai
Bhook, nang aflas mein luthree
Izzat ab tak baqi hai
Yeh mera hari bhooka hai
Kitne aag mein zinda hai
Yeh meree Raano zinda hai
Jalti reit pe zinda hai
Yahan sacchal Sain bhi zinda hai
Toota ujra zinda hai
Yahan Raano ka Moomal zinda hai
Go, bhooka nanga, ujra  hai
Woh Raani kab ke khwaab hui
Jo kuch dilwatee khane ko
Ab faqat lutere zinda hain
Jo Moomal ke khwaab bhi tordhein ge
Jo is basti ko bhi tordhein ge
Woh naag hain kale chaye huey

A Sindhi woman, violence victim from family.

Tum us din ki ab khair karo
Jab ek ek hari uthey ga
Woh kitne bhasha boley ga
Woh kitney naghme gaye gaa
Yeh kambakhtee bhi chore gi
 Roti  us ki taazi hogee
Aur bhasha us ki meethi hogee
Payon mein us ke chappal hoge
Peit mein uske roti hogee
Jhootee na hogee, sacchhi hogee
Sindh ka baasi khata hoga
Apna haq ka khata hoga
Mare saare lutere honge
Sindh ka baasi jaga hoga
Jagirdar, lutere rotey honge
Bhooka nanga chaaya hoga
Saccha Sacchal chaya hoga
Jogi,Bhittai chaya hoga.

Woh saaree bhasha bolein ge
Woh sacch ki bhasha bolein ge
Tum unka haq na looto ge
Tum unke peit na pharo ge
Tum unka haq na maro ge

Yeh basti phir se jagmag hogee
Yeh basti phir se roshan hogee
Hum phir bhi Urdu bolein ge
Ham sacch ka daman na chorein ge
Jaise Karachi banaya tha
Ham Pakistan banayein ge
Ham bhook , nang mitain ge
Ham Pakistan banain ge
Hum Pakistan sawaraen ge.

A Hari child in Sindh.

Meherzaidipoet at medicalcamp Sindh


Pray,why have you immigrated here?
You, Urdu speaking people.
You naked, hungry people
Alas, does not everybody come naked , hungry into this world?
This wretched, naked, hungry world.
Whatever their language,hungry will be hungry
Whatever songs they sing
Sweet or otherwise
Hunger will be seen, nakedness will be seen
It has become the fate of this land
Povery, nakedness and hunger
that has become the destiny.
The fake coin of our fate
Exchanged and traded all over this land
Whether you are quiet or you speak
We will kill you
We will butcher you
A hundred in a day
When you get the beating you will see
Because you are Urdu speaking
We do not like your language
Just like we did not like their language
Those that were killed for their new' Desh'
Those that were abandoned
Those that were butchered
That 'Desh' that is now a dream
Some achieved ,some unaccounted for
Now an old hungry woman says
We will not sacrifice any more of our sons
Give us the reward of our sacrifices
Give us the account of our spent blood
Give us the account of our sacrifices to make this land
A dweller's sweet home
This land whose fate is hunger and poverty
Where there are naked and hungry people
From Badin to Sehwan
From Rohri to Sukkur
Bewildered, unhappy, lost.

Some people live lavishly
While the peoples' heroes died
And poverty rules everywhere
Unworthiness is the fate of its people

The honorable wear the torn and tattered clothes
Of poverty and hunger
My tiller is hungry
My worker is hungry
My merchant is hungry
My young one is hungry
My mother is hungry
My daughter is hungry
My son works at garbage collection
my older son is unemployed
My eyes are sunken
My lips are parched
My skin pale with hunger
My Hari is hungry
He burns in hunger
My Raano is alive
In the burning desert sands of Sindh
Sacchal Sain is alive
Broken, yet alive
Moomal is alive
Naked,hungry, he is alive
Ah, that Queen is but a dream now
Who would have removed our hunger
Now only thieves rule
Thugs who will shatter Moomal's dreams
Who will shatter this land
Those black 'Naags' rule all around.

That day will come soon
When the tiller will rise
He will speak all languages
He will sing many songs
This ill fate will leave him
He will eat fresh bread
His language will be sweet
His feet will have sandals
His belly will be full
Sindh dweller will eat
He will have his rights
All the looters will die
The Sindh dweller will live.

The landlord will be crying
Sacchal Sain will rule
Jogi Bhittai will rule
The hungry, poor will rule.

They will speak all languages
They will speak the truth
You could not snatch their rights
You could not transgress their rights

This land will rise and shine
We will always speak Urdu
We will not leave truth
We will make Pakistan
The same way we made Karachi
We will remove poverty
We will remove hunger
We will rebuild Pakistan
Why do not you too?

The background of this poem is the riots and killings that occured in Karachi in July2011 where in four days more than 100 people were killed who were ethnically Urdu speaking. In some localities masked men with heavy, sophisticated weapons came and killed, raped, looted and burnt. the police and rangers were not ordered to control the massacre till these colonies were totally massacred.The senior minister of Pakistan Peoples Party, Dr Zulfikar Mirza came on television and then called people who came from India at partition "bhooke, nange log" meaning naked and hungry people . These Urdu speaking immigrants are the ones that lost so much in partition and came to Pakistan all over, some in Punjab and some in Sindh. Many were educated and most education, bureaucracy posts and even clerks were these immigrants. Karachi became a hub of industry and economy as many Gujrati and Memoni speaking who are now grouped with Urdu speaking invested and started the industry and trade.These people are second generation now and their progeny has never seen India. Urdu has become the national language which is spoken all over Pakistan from remote FATA to the magapolis Karachi. It is  a versatile language with Turkish, Arabic, Hindi words and is mainly kept literally alive by the Punjabi writers and poets in the world.