Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yeh Tera Haseen Faraib...Ah, your sweet deception.

Mein tu samjhee thee ke tu mera hai hamdam, dilbar
Mere Is weeran se dil ki baharon ka payam
Mein thi shayad mubtila aik faraib mein
Tere haseen dilruba faraib mein.
Teri un nasheelee aankhon ka jhoota sa faraib
Teri us naghmageen awaz ka meetha sa faraib
Tere boson ka faraib
Teri baahon ka faraib
Tere us jism ka faraib
Jo mein samjhee thee muhabbat ka meri hai paimana
Tere un lamhon ka faraib
Jo guzare the tu ne mere piyaar ko lubhane ko
Aik haseen, daghabaz faraib
Aik haseen dhoka, ek jhoot

Mein nahi chor ke jaa sakti hun phir bhi
Is haseen jaal ko,yeh tera faraib
Mera toota hua khwaab bhi hai mujhko aziz
Tera jhoota piyaar, tera faraib
Mein hun mubtila tere piyaar mein aye harjai
Yeh tera daam-e faraib, mere harjai

Tu mujhe lota dai mere dil ka saroor
Mein samajh jaaon gi saccha tera jhoota wada
Mein giriftar hun teri muhabbat mein tere daam-e faraib
Aik jhoota sa nasha hai mere jism ko lagta
Aakhire shab ka ho jaise eik saccha wada
Bas hun thame mein kharee is dorahe par
Mein nahi chor saktee tera yeh jhoota sa faraib.

(Aik Zalim Pagal Larke Ke Naam..AmyWinehouse ki death par Meherzaidi key kuch shair)


Ah, I desire you intensely, my deceptive lover
I desire your companionship
In this autumn dwelled heart of mine
A spring's sweet promise!
Ah, this sweet deception
Your love's sweet guile
Sweet, enticing guile 
Of your beguiling eyes
Of your melodious voice
Of your enamouring kisses
Of your enslaving arms
Of your body's sweet warmth
That I thought was my desire's trophy
The deception of the moments that we spent together
Ah, this beautiful deception
Ah, this beautiful lie, this myth shattered
But nay, I cannot leave this love and go away
This beautiful web, this deceptive love
My shattered dream is also precious to me
Precious your deceptive love
Your beguiling ways
I am in love with you, O deciever
I am entrapped by your love!

Give me back my heart's joys
I will take as true your false promises
I am enslaved by your love
I am enticed by your treacherous ways
My body is addicted to your love,to your lustful desires
I believe to be true your false promises
Just like a vow given at the last moment of the night
I pause at this crossroads
I cannot leave this beguiling love, your love!

(A poem by Meherzaidi)
Meherzaidi,the poet.

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