Monday, February 2, 2009

Here I Stand Naked

Here I stand naked
Of truth,honesty,modesty!
Here I stand naked
Of  belief,religiosity,spirit!
Here I stand naked,
Of  clothes that covered my soul,
In treachery, injustice, fake virtuosity!
Here I stand in the rain of  falseness
As it  falls ferociusly in the jungle of my random thoughts!
Fake personal opinions, thoughts with no bounds!
Thoughts with no morality,life or modesty!
Here I stand Naked,
In front of my God,
On the Day of Judgement!


  1. One actually does wrong by 'sagely murmuring "How true! how true"', and doing what he/her should be doing...

    Very effective poem. Thanks for sharing!

  2. PS: Perhaps, "not doing what was to be done" (please correct :)

  3. Yes you are right umer,we spend our life in immodesty,dishonesty and the day we die,it is finished! No time ,we then stand bare infront of God. And He sees all. So isnt it that we look for the clothes of truth all the time,everywhere!

  4. True.
    Only that, a single moment of realization during this mundane existence too has us pulled into our own one such court where we are bare to skin and answerable to self, past all facadaes of falsity and incorrect logics.
    A single moment of insight is what it takes - to realize and to change..