Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jinnah, India-Partition, Jaswanth Singh's Book, A Critical Look.3

The image of Jinnah is bieng formed in Mr. Jaswanth Singh's mind in the introductory paras as "the Muslim League in that sense truimphed under Jinnah's leadership, for he achieved what he had set out to" , "carving out for himself a Pakistan,even if 'moth-eaten' and from birth". "For this ,in essence, was also Muhammad Ali Jinnah's political journey. How could or rather why did , a person of such central importance to the front rank of India's political leadership for almost the first forty-seven years of the twentieth century relegate himself to a finge of it?"
Two questions arise here on reading this; first exactly what was the 'central role' Jinnah that he did play in India uptil this time? Here the basic question of the true 'leadership' identity question or 'shanakht' of Muhammad Ali Jinnah is the most pertinent one. We will read Mr. Jaswanth's assesment of why and how Jinnah became ' the Quaid -e Azam ' later on.
The second issue is regarding the 'fringe' of India concept that he refers to frequently. He seems obsessed with the geographical division of India and other areas that became Pakistan as 'peripheral' or 'fringe'. this labelling in itself appears to impart as a 'lowly' status to the new geographical entity.The concept of bieng 'mainstream',does it actually mean 'central' in the geographical sense or acceptable ideologically?And if acceptable then why and how does a 'fringe' community becomes a new geographical entity and the 'peripheral minority' becomes a central majority in the 'new' state.
Mr Jaswanth Singh clearly has raised the "spectre" for his generation of Indians of the logic or 'reality' of the formation of Pakistan.It seems to me that a scene is bieng created in his reader's mind almost reminiscent of the last coals bieng inflammed before the final die out. I hope a real winter comes on this chapter as enough violence and useless buildup of arms against each other deluding real peace and a prosperous peaceful coexistence has engulfed the two nations since birth.(Continued)

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