Friday, September 24, 2010


Dard Ka Sindhu Sagar

Bhook ,nang, aflaas mein beh kar
Marui je moti lekar
paak, mithaal
aankh se tapka
dard ka Sindhu Sagar

Tinke, chhappar, behte, girte
mera aik gharonda
sada jeevey Sindh mein
dukhta, rista
zakhmee panch, pakheroo
peep se behta
mera panja
pakrde hai kuch kante
shayad bach kar pankh bakhere
dard ja Sindhu sagar

Sacchal saeen, Lateef saeen
mere man ke raja
un ki aankh se tapka jaey
dard ka Sindhu Sagar

Yeh diwanee, faqeer nimaanee
mehru, devi Hingol
mein us ki chashme nam mein basta, rachta
dard ka Sindhu Sagar

Yeh paagal jogi jabal mein phitrta
meree hee maala japta
behta mera sailaabi rela
budta saree khalqat

utraa hun mein ab ke
Sehwan se Manchar
Dard ka Sindhu Sagar

Oh, how the floods have passed
From the hunger, poverty ridden
sweet pearl of Marvi's pure and chaste body
Pure sweet emotions become the teardrop
of  the woeful Sindhu Sagar.

Meherzaidi, the poet.
My hearse is swept away
That which was made of straw and falling reeds only
Always in Jeay Sindh
Painful, bleeding open sore
My claw
I am but a wounded bird, my sore claw holding
Some splinters,some thorns
Hopefully it may be saved 
and spread it's wings
 This  the woeful Sindhu Sagar

Sacchal Saeen, Lateef Saeen
The rulers of my heart
Fallen like  a teardrop
This  the woeful Sindhu Sagar

This fakir like wretched crazy woman
Mehru Devi of Hingol
I dwell thus in her parched eyes
me, the woeful  Sindhu Sagar

And this 'Jogi' wanders in the mountains of 'love'
chanting my love songs always
flows my flooded body
thrashing the humanity
I thus destroy from Manchar to Sehwan, again
I, the woeful Sindhu Sagar.

(I have used words like Sindhu which is the name of Indus river in the Sindhi language,Marvi was a pure and chaste heroine of Sindhi folklore, Sagar is a hindi word for water body that is flowing like a river, jogi is a wandering minstrel or a saint who has left worldly ways, Manchar is a lake in Sindh that is now reflooding, Sehwan is a town where  the great poet and Sufi saint Sacchal Sarmast resides eternally. Lateef Saeen is Shah abdul Lateef Bhittai, one of the greatest Sufi saints and poets of Sindh. his poetry is incomparable in spiritual richness and linguistic beauty of expression.)

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