Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Karachi..A Vampire City.

A city of beaches, blue skies and eagles
Soft flute, snake charmers and parks
A city of kebabs, juices and bottles
A city with discotheques, nightclubs and bars
Such was a city that was named Karachi
A city of dances and romances
A city of hotels and cabanas
A city of whiskey and beer
A city where lovers went to matinee
A city where minstrels sang
A city where in the lane behind Radio Pakistan
The artists and musicians hanged
Such was a colorful city named Karachi
The skies above were blue and clear
There were always people laughing far and near
The damsels showed off their long tresses and navels
Beach Luxury, Palace Hotel and Intercontinental
Such was the gem of a city called Karachi
I was five with roller skates on
A tall glass  of Coke in hand on main Shahrahe Faisal 
No traffic
Fun and skating
This was Karachi a city of fun
There was Eid namaz in Polo ground
There was Jinnah parade on Bunder Road
Such was the friendly city of Karachi
There were Parsis, Marathis, Sindhis, and Pathans
There were Muhajirs, Punjabis and Bengalis
There were Americans , British and Chinese
And we all lived together
In this city named Karachi

And now the skies are red with blood
The ground black with hatred
The average man is slave to fear
The child bereft of laughter
O, what has happened to this beautiful city
This city named Karachi
It has become the city of vampires
Living off the blood and death of its inhabitants
The snakes and serpents abound
Hiding, killing, spreading fear
O why has this city become the city of Vampires
This city that was loved named Karachi.

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