Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another Boat, Another Shore but for Our Love.

As I step in another boat
I see a new shore.
I look back
I see you standing there
By the side of another boat
Your soft muslin Kurta
And your sweet smile
Your brown soft hair
Your sweet lips
I see your sweet smile
Your brown , brown eyes
Sad and loving
Beckoning me ever so enticingly to come back
Back to your shores
Where the ocean laps gently 
Kissing your feet
I put my eyes on your feet , my love
Ever so lovingly, gently.
The soft breeze brushing against your cheek
Where I want to put my lips ever so often

The boatman beckons me to hurry
I step forward to the boat
He holds out his hand
I think of your warm, firm hand
As it holds my hand , lovingly, caressingly
I feel your fingers, entwining mine, 
lovingly, caressingly
Our hands held together
Twining our souls together
Twining our love forever

The rocking motion of the high seas
I think of my head in your lap
As you gently played with my tresses
Ever so gently
And your kiss on my forehead
Sealing your love for me
And my love for you forever.

As the storm rocks my boat
And smashes it into smithereens
As I drown in this vast ocean
And the boatman throws a vest around me
I think of your sweet smile
Your sweet lips upon mine
In the twilight of love
So calm and serene
A dark, peaceful sleep comes over me
I think of your sweet smile
O my love.

(In loving memory of my handsome father,Zia Abdul Wajid (late) and my beautiful mother ,Anjum Zia who lives abroad.A poem of love by Meherzaidi )

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