Saturday, April 18, 2009

Goodbye Jen.

This was written by mc82 in Poet's Point Forum. I find it very touching, so I am reproducing it here. Also I wrote a reply.
My friend died in a car accident yesterday,she was 17.
Goodbye Jen
Alone in a crowd
my mind is a pawn
Cant comprehend how
How can you be gone?
Never imagining
Still I dont believe
Life is maddening
Why'd you have to leave.

No time for goodbye
My words are too late
Dont understand why
time doesn't wait

Goodbye Jen,I'll miss you
and all that we went through
I 'm sorry this is overdue
But thank you for bieng you!

Reply To Good bye Jen.
I could have done the things that needed to be done,
Now that you are gone my friend,
I regret not having kissed you goodbye,goodnight,
 Not kissed you when you were excited
After the goal achieved by your favorite star.
 Unaware tomorrow will not find you there

To touch,t o hold, to see.
Unaware you will be gone before our first dance,
before our first romance.
May God bless you in Heaven,
O friend so young,
My heart bleeds for you,
O how I feel the pain
May you rest in peace and walk in beautiful eternity forever!

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