Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Anjum Zia...The Poetess with Courage and insight!

I have written some poems and things about the life of Anjum Zia, a contemporary Urdu poetess and woman of courage, strenghth and fortitude. She is a rare breed ,intellectual yet down to earth, romantic yet blunt in her assault on the injustices towards poor and needy. She continued working in education, district management issues devotingly,selflessly. She opened schools for the administration of Karachi and gave policy inputs without propaganda. She devoted her life to education.Her group is Anjum Zia...A Couplet Poetess on facebook.She now lives in Reading.

Zamana Jis Ke Liye Hai Sargardan

Woh Baat Harfe Ghazal Mein Sama Sake To Kahoon!

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