Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Woman Or Man.

I have got feathers in my cap,stars in my eyes,
Yet my feet bleed, encrusted with sores.
For walking this parched land.
A journey so long 
A thirst so strong,
My hands are sore,
They ache,
Pushing against these walls;
Of stone,eternal,layered,
One after the other,
Like huge waves in a deep blue,green sea.
A fight against the waves,
Trying to survive,
Holding to a drifting piece of wood,
Clutching a broken straw hat,
Trying to reach a shore
With pieces of my shipwreck
Behind me!
Yes, the incessant Sun
Of my life shines down on me.
Brazenly burning
Gashing , lancinating, flogging
Writing it's own bloody stories
Gory poems on my body,
A flesh so weak!
How can it carry the yolk of humanity?
Whence it cannot carry the burden of purity of it's own soul!
How can it breathe free
Survive a lifetime journey on this earth?
When it cannot carry the crown of glory of it's creation!
The glory of it's creation of it's thought and spirit!

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