Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yellow Pages In My Closet!

( I found some verses I wrote in my old papers, yellowed)

Love is made up

Of a thousand things,

A walk in the moonlight

A heart that sings

A feeling of sunshine

In all kinds of weather

The warmth and closeness

Of bieng together!

Cups of coffee

In a quiet room

Firelight dancing

And chasing the gloom

A voice you feel

That you've always known

A gentle hand

Reaching out for your own.

A smile that thrills you

And warms your heart

Just the way it has

From the very start

Trust and confidence

Joy in sharing

The deep security

That comes from caring

Love is tenderness

And love is kindness

Love is occasional

Spots of blindness

Love is tears

Often followed by laughter

love is "Happily Everafter"

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