Monday, November 9, 2009

A Scream, I Say! Are You Listening?

Is your hearing impaired? Damaged? Are you listening? Ah , yes I am an ordinary worker, toiling in your kitchen, washing your dirty dishes, after you have gluttoned away incessantly the whole day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner! Washed your fat, pudgy fingers,  cleaning on a dry towel.Burping out of your ugly mouth. I am still hungry, of two kind words, a small kind glance from you. But then you are so blind and deaf! Are you listening to the screams of the people around you. Still seekling some redressal of the wrongs done unto them. Are you hearing anything bieng said by the people who need justice? But how can you! You are so engrossed in your unfulfilled, utterly useless quest for satisfaction, superficial and shallow!
Life for me is so dark, and and bleak! no future, no way!
I stand alone on a cliff, barely and blindly clutching to the weak twig, lest I fall !
What if I fall, and fall I will. No hope, no future.
That is how I will end screaming, and you will not hear, you deaf people!

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