Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Naat Rasool- e- Maqbool, Muhammad Sale Ala Alaihe Wa Sallam Ke Naam.

A Few verses of love.

Aik Hai Allah Aur Ya Rasul Allah ,Aik Tu,
Phailee Teri Khushboo Har Soo Koo Bakoo.

Meri Yeh Umar Bas Ek Misle Bulbula,
Kat Gayee Faqat Ba Rahe Sareeh Justajoo.

Jab Pari Yeh Chashme Nam Har Gule Khoshang Per,
Sirf Deedam, Zehe Tu, Khubroo, Ya Rasul Allah!

Translation :

As Allah is one, you are unique, O Muhammad,
The perfume of your message spreads far and wide!

My life but a moment spent swiftly
In finding the truth, in finding you!

Whenever this tearful eyes saw the beautiful flowers,
All I could see the beauty of you,O Prophet.

I wrote this poem in the honour of the prophet of Islam .May peace and blessings be upon him as I had the "Aamad". I translate it so that the youth who do not know Urdu can understand the meaning although Urdu and Persian words are unique.

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