Friday, March 19, 2010

Woh Jigar Chalni Mayein..Those Heart Wrenched Women.

Meherzaidi, the poet.
Woh  bheegey aanchal, woh bheegey pehlu,
Woh aansoo on ki gawahi denge.

Aur woh do aurtein
Betheen hain charpoy lagaye
Eik jhulaste aangan mein!

Aur un ke sar par chamakta suraj
Woh be khabar hain tapish se jiskee

Sulag Raha hai ke jin ke dil mein
Alao apne beiton ki judai ka!

Woh aik aurat ke jis ka beta
Chala gaya hai!
Un sanglakh chateeil paharon ke peechey
Keh shaid jin par rehne waleey
Bhi ho jatey honge, kathen, bewafa!

Woh kho gaya hai yeh maan se keh kar
Ke mein jahad per ja rahaa hoon!

Aur woh doosri aurat ke jis ka beta,
Abhi abhi tau parhta, likhta
Aata tha ghar mein aam khaane!
Bhaagta apni garam bahein
Apni maan ki gardan ke gird
Daalta piyar se
Aur us ka bosa
Apni jabeen per mehsoos karta
Khilkhila ke hansta
Pata naheen kiyun
Chala gaya hai!
Jahad per ya phir bakherne
Doosron ke gulzaron per!

Cheekhtee chillatee auratein
Sar peet raheen hein
Laashe uthai, cheetre uthai
Yeh kis azdahe ne nigal liya hai
Sukoon un maoon ka!
Yeh kis afreet ne khaliya hai
kaleja un maoon ka!

Yeh mazhab ke naam per kaale jadoogar
Yeh insaaniyat ke naam per kaale jaadogar
Phail gaye hain
Hamien das rahe hain
Hum maoon ko!


Those soaked scarves, those soaked borders,
give evidence of the incessant tears.
And those two women sit,
Oblivious to the scorching Sun over them,
On their charpoy!
Their hearts are full of the fire raging ,
Of the sorrow of seperation!

The first woman whose son has gone away,
Behind the rocky, barren mountains,
The dwellers of whose bare valleys,
Maybe become hardened, unloving!
He is lost, telling her that I am going
To jahad!

The second woman, whose son,
Was reading just now, happily he would come home,
To eat sweet mangoes!
Running he would spread his arms around her and feel
Her warm, motherly kisses
On his forehead!
Laughing heartiously!
Oh, I do not know why he left
On jahad or to spread
Fire coals,
On the rosy gardens of others!

The screaming women
Wail and beat their heads
Carrying dead bodies of their loved ones
Blown to smithereens!

O, What devilish python swallows
Their peace!
What Devil eats their hearts!

O, these black devils, using the name of religion
O, these black devils, using the name of humanity
Have spread their devilish tentacles all around us
Biting us, Us mothers!


  1. Very poignant, emotive and heart-wrenching. You've not only managed to empathize with these unfortunate women but also succeeded in invoking the feelings of readers. You've touched the right chords.

  2. Thanks but when I hear these women (and men) sob quietly, keep going on and I bieng a mother can feel the intense pain, the anguish, the desperation and helplessness.