Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bougainvilla Dreams.

Bougainvilla dreams.

Hey, friend

I am neither the dreaded gang or some unfaithful, old woman

I am just Me

A girl who wants to be helpful,

A girl who is simple and straight forward.

I cannot but feel angry

At the strange, mistrustful behaviour

At the calculating, unfriendly eyes

I hate it when you mistrust me

I am simply sincere and loving in my nature

Hey, guy, how are you mistrusting me

And turning your face away

I feel hurt

And I dont care if you are a man, a woman, or simply a person

If you dont care about me

But then I do care

Because I am


I am not like the old calculating, double faced women that your very artificial world has aplenty

I am not uncaring

I hate it when in your thoughts you put me on the same level

I hate it, I hate it, I do hate it!

But then why should you care

You have only known me a fleeting moment

Dear,dear friend

Why should you care

In your cold and cold world

Why would there be a place for me

A simple, sincere friend!

A world where your heart cannot be open

A world where conspiracies abound

A world where false pretensions rule.

A world of hate and connivances

A world of treacherous deals

A world of dangerous liasons

A world of death and deciept

I simply cannot function

In such an atmosphere

In such a contaminated environment

I will choke and die simply

Because I am like a bird

I am the bird

That flies and chirps and tweets in my own backyard garden

Free, untainted,

Hopping from bough to bough

Singing from branch to branch

Happy, innocent,

Loving you always

In my bougainvilla dreams!
The poet Meherzaidi.

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