Monday, June 28, 2010

Broken Heart, Shattered Dreams!

My heart is shattered into a thousand splinters
Each splinter sharper than a diamond razor
My life is spread like a splintered crystal goblet
Like pearls of dreams, splintered, shattered
My bleeding feet burn numb into my journey
of fires raging , with hatred and curse
My heart is shattered into a thousand splinters
Each splinter sharper than the sharpest "Khanjar"
I walk this thorne laden path alone,
I weep incessantly
Yet my screams fall on deaf ears
false values, fake smiles, broken promises
And then the world is only a make believe
We think we are "normal" ? O you male and female?
Do we not have to find a living, snatch a respectable life?
Then why this prejudice and false pretension
Always, everywhere love is pure
Pure like a mountain spring
falling, sparkling,
Nurturing, benefitting all who care
And yet there is silence and hate and prejudice
My broken heart and a thousand splinters shattered!


  1. My dear dear Meher: Thank you for sharing the pain with those who need a shoulder to comfort their agony from time immemorial .....Please print this for greater viewing....Thank you again for sharing the grief of and for our fellow citizens our fellow-human beings.....Its a biting truth and you have portrayed a little part of it as all can never be told........
    Meher as you know there is a history in blood of Hijrras....I have seen those palaces in Turkey where the king would have only Hijrras or many who were castrated to qualify for such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity they were never sure if all their concubines and wives whom he alone could not satisfy sexually would go elsewhere....same examples can be found in our part of the world......its really about time for redemption....if there is any...for them....