Sunday, December 28, 2008

Brecht-revisited;The Caucasian Chalk Circle.

The judge says evidently Hi- Tang is not the mother 0f the child she did not come forward to draw the child out of the circle.Here I am thinking, How difficult it is to do certain actions ,manouver situations to one"s own advantage! with our teenaged children,with our estranged spouses,with our jilting lovers.Is it so simple to claim love,respect,achieve fulfilment in love,relationship?Hai-tang says:I supplicate you,Honored Sir,to calm your wrath.If I cannot claim my son without dislocating his arm or bruising his baby flesh,I would rather perish under the blows than make the least effort to take him out of the circle.
The judge says:A sage of old once said:what man can hide what he really is? Behold the power of the Chalk Circle! in order to sieze inheritance,Mrs.Ma has raised a young child that is not her own.But the Chalk Circle augustly brought out the truth and the falsehood.Mrs Ma has an engaing exterior but her heart is corrupt.The true mother Hai-Tang is at last recognised.
Again I am thinking about appearances; what we appear ,are we really that? Can people be judged by their appearances.So many times we are decieved.Are we really able to see or show goodness of our souls to other people?people usually register whatever they want to according to their needs,perceptions.We cannot influence any one,maybe only upto a certain extent.Then there is the power of tools or supports of judgement.that may help us reach a certain conclusion.Is judgement really fair? it is so difficult ro reach the truth.Only to an extent!

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