Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Caucasian Chalk Circle(Brecht -revisited)

Characters -I imagine my own actors doing this.The setting is a dilapidated house in a not so very remote corner of the troubled NWFP in Pakistan.Old man,peasant women,young peasant,a very young worker,Old man(on the left,the other one was on right.)Peasant woman(on the left,the other was on the right.)Agriculturist Kato ,Girl tractorist .Other characters I will enumerate later on otherwise you will get bored,Eh? Note on the locale;The action of the play centers on Nuka,a town in Azerbaijan.Here comes in my imagination.Can I imagine this town in NWFP.People are so different,not physically,tall or short,fair thin or fat,eyes usually light brown,blue,green,you name it and the colours are there,generally the same type of physique but not the nature .But then nature may be the same way,but can humans differ?.Why cannot I imagine a guy in Azerbaijan to be the same as that in NWFP? well then!the capital referred to is not Baku,but Tulis,the capital of Georgia.Now then is a Georgian different from an NWFPian?I wonder.There are some similarities,nature too!Ah then! Stalin was a Georgian. Was he like a Georgian? Are all georgians like Stalin? tough question to answer.
Yhe play begins...
The judge;Officer,fetch a piece of chalk.You will trace below the bench a circle,in the cenre of which oyu will place teh child.Then you will order the two women to wait,each of them at opposite sides of the circle.When teh rael mother takes hold of him,it will be easy for the child to come outside the circle.But the pretended mother cannot lead him out.
(The officer traces a circle with the chalk and motions th Child to stand in teh centre of it.mra MA takes the child"s hand and leads him out of the circle.HAI TANG fails to contend with her.)

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