Friday, December 19, 2008

English Journalists(satirical)

Oh these English journalists with their English so purr-fact,writing articles;so well researched,FORMULATED,AUTHENTICATED,so well RE-searched! I could almost die under the weightous burden,bow in allegiance,for giving us almost BIBLICAL FACTS on
Life or how to lead it or how to mess it.On how to survive days weeks without cat dog food,toad or even spider food,share lice and lies,how to buy houses,flats or other abodes,dilapidated but oh so CHIC,ugly but oh so fashionable,Upclass but oh so YOB!
Eat the right food,head or other parts,
In favorite resturants,by the river,Advertised Spots,How to make Money ,honestly and otherwiseJunk food ,honestly and otherwise
Puns on Foreignors ,honestly and otherwise,a hotchpotch of FACTS about RACIAL RITES(OOPS)Riots honestly and otherwise! Ooh these ENGLISH JOURNALISTS,with medals on their chests,KNIGHTS IN SHINIG ARMOUR,HONEST OR OTHERWISE


  1. I love English journalism and their newspapers.THis piece I also wrote in July 2001. VIVA JOURNALISM,HONESTY and FREEDOM!

  2. Thats how they are, Elaborating things which otherwise dont make that much of a difference. Like if u say making a mountain out of a mole. They ELABORATE, RESEARCH make HYPOTHESIS, draw charts predict evolution just to make their mark. Contrary our Journalists speak what the truth is but yes Indeed they are like a needle in a haystack, but so are the English. We can find both biased and both Intelligent at the same time, its just the matter of Search i suppose ;)