Friday, April 8, 2011

Hanging By The Cliff.

My eyes gaze gently upon the vast expanse below
Green and mauve valleys with lush green meadows
Yellow orchids, orange blossoms, red roses
Bright blue geraniums and pink cherry blossoms
This, my vale of love
Fragrant, young and beautiful

My ears hear the sweet melody that the bluebird sings
Hopping from bough to bough
Laden with sweet fruits and bright flowers
Tis spring
In my vale of love

My fingers touch the cool blue waters
Falling gently, caressingly
Bringing up soft foamy froth
Touching my lips
Tis, Spring of my love

I cannot look away from this vale
Vale of my love in Spring
I cannot leave this rocky cliff
By which I hang in this vale
My vale of love

Oh, my beloved 
Even as you depart forever
Never to come back
I have found my place here
In this vale of love
Hanging by a cliff

Even as the autumn comes 
And the colors of my vale turn red, brown and gold
Even as my palms bleed
And the chill air touches my bare shoulders
I will hang
By this cliff
Overlooking my, this vale of love

Even as my lips turn dry and crackle
And the green valley is over run by cacti
Even as iguanas and stormy lizards run wild
I will look at my vale 
This, my vale of love
Hanging by the cliff
Flowers by Meherzaidi, the poet.
Forever and ever.

Buds by Meherzaidi, the poet.

Meherzaidi on Lotus Lake, Sindh 1987.

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