Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Freedom, Your Love.

Meherzaidi, the poet.
I entered your promised garden
The one you promised me pre-existence
The one you promised me in my dreams
The one you promised me in my desires
I entered that same paradise

This paradise that had figs, 
This paradise that had grapes
This paradise that had apples
This paradise that had cherries
All for our love's sweet heady wine
I entered your love's paradise
That was your abode
In my dreams, desires and existence.

There was music of thine harp
There was melody of thine flute
I danced in abandonment 
To the drumbeat of  thine drums

And the magic flowed
In my head adorned with a crown of flowers
White lilies,yellow orchids, pink tulips
And the whole skies stars
My feet adorned with your love's sweet anklets 
They jingled throughout my heaven
I danced in sweet love's abandonment.

Then the gods did not like our love
They were annoyed at our happiness
They wanted peace and quiet in the garden
This garden of our love
They wanted deathly silence
They wanted us to behave
They wanted the death of Joy
They wanted the death of Spring
They wanted the death of Love
They wanted deathly silence
In our paradise garden of Love.

Ah, my crown is made of thorns now
Though I still wear it with pride
Ah, my feet are shackled now
Though I still wear them with love's sweet agony
Ah, my dance is now a tremor
Hidden, unjoyous, sad and trembling
Though I still sometimes hope
To break away back into my love's paradise dancing
Free and beautiful as a woman
A full woman with my sexuality and pride
To dance freely in this perfumed paradise
That is my abode now
This Earth.
With perfumed flowers and heady wine
With love's sweet pleasures and the joys of Spring
With sweet melodies like honey on my lips
This my paradise, this Earth.
In my Freedom of unbound expression.
May the gods be dead forever.

Boticelli, the birth of Venus..

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