Sunday, June 12, 2011

Teri Aarzoo...My Desire.

Teri aarzoo aik dori se bandhee ho jaise
Tootne ko hai yeh khuwahish bhi abhi aise

Aake maqtal mein woh poochta hai harjai
Kyun hai ashkbaar tu yahan aise

Mein chalee jaaon mekhane se bin pee kar saqee
Tu pillaey to chashme jaanan se me ko waise

Mein bichard kar bhi nahin chorthee hun weerane ko
Us ki chubhti si muhabbat ho wehshat jaise

Kya kare qais kahan jaae woh rone dhone
Mar ke bhi us ki muhabbat na chore aise

Tere is lams ka ehsaas hai dile dushman par
Ek qafase jism ka ho pardae  pinhaan jaise

Mein khardee sochtee hun tere bose ke us shole ko
Ek bujhee chingaree se sulgee ho naee aatish jaise

Ab theher ja safar zeest hua khatam yaheen
Aik  faqat aarzoo hai Meher daastan teri jaise


My desire for you is almost like
A broken thread

Alas, The killer is asking in the death cell
O condemned one why do you cry?

I leave the lust for  wine, O beloved
If thou make me drunk with your eyes

I cannot leave this bewilderness ever
His love is like a misery eternal

Alas, where does Qais go for comfort
Her love does not leave him even after death

Your touch is entrenched on my heart
Only the prison of my body in between

O, how I remember your fiery kisses
Lighting a new fire in my smoldering desire

Stay and rest your life's journey ends here
The story of your life is just a tale of unfulfilled desires, O Meher.
Meher Zaidi, the poet.

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