Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mein Ne Jana Tujhe....Oh, How I Miss You!

Mein ne jana tujhe tere jaane ke baad
Mein ne samjha tujhe apne marne ke baad

Tu yuheen bas gaya mere is zehan mein
Mein ne paya tujhe tere jaane ke baad

Teree khushboo hai ab meri zindagi ki kiran
Woh yaheen bas gayee tere jaane ke baad

Ab qadam uth bhi jaen kisee rah par
Yeh safar ab khatam tere jaane ke baad

Teri ungliyon ka lamas hai meri zulf par
Kon Sawanre hai yeh tere jaane ke baad

Yeh mere gaal bhi hain ab thande pare
Aur sookha dahan tere jaane ke baad

Mera ghar bujh gaya par mera dil hai abad ab
Woh teri yaad aye tere jaane ke baad

Tu Meher ab qeher aisa na dekhe kabhee
Wehshate baikaran tere jaane ke baad


Alas, I love thee more after thou have gone away
Alas, I want thee more after thou have left

Thine shadow haunts mine heart forever, completely
I have  found thee after  thou has gone

Thine sweet smell has pervaded mine senses forever
It stays with me forever and ever

Mine life's short journey has thus ended
Even if mine feet tread new paths

Thine fingers' touch stays on mine tresses
Alas, who will caress them when thou are gone away

Mine cheeks are now cold with death's pallor
And lips parched after thou has gone away

Mine hearse is cold but the heart is warm, thus
Thine sweet memory pervades mine empty heart

O, Meher do not despair in anguish
There swells a sea of unbound misery after thou has gone.

(This poem is written in honor of Azm Behzad , Behzad Lakhnavi's grand son. I was his facebook friend and came to know about him only after his death. He is distant relation also. I have met his son, Matloob Behzad)

Meherzaidi, the poet.

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