Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ahmed Faraz....Rahnawarde Shauq!

Ahmed Faraz, a poet par excellence!

On this birth anniversary of the great contemporary poet of Pakistan,  my eyes are tearful. He was so popular amongst women and especially the expat community of Pakistanis in the Middle East and Gulf states. My first memory of Faraz is from his well sung ghazal " Ranjish hi sahee, Dil he dukhane ke liye aa"!, so beautifully and originally sung by Habib Wali Muhammad. His many ghazals became popular after bieng sung by the good artists at the time. His poetry is simple with a style that is both modern, contemporary yet gives the finesse and taste of mastery in  Urdu poetry like Ghalib and Shauq. People started loving his style which was full of romance, a hidden, desirable sexuality representing the unfulfilled, quiet love of lovers in the East.  This newer expression which became so popular with the educated generation, especially the Pakistani expats was what was noticed by the television and art promoters in Pakistan and abroad. As art also thrives by patonage, the "Mushairas" or poetry sittings started featuring the great poet more and more. Then Faraz is also such an expressive and prolific writer. He is also "Doston Ka Dost", so loving and sincere! This "Waalehana" (unbridled) expression of love and sincerity is reflected, eloquently in his poetry.His poetry is lyrical, so sungable! May we enjoy and honor all our great poets.

Says he;
Zakhm Ko Phool Sar Sar Ko Saba Kehte Hain
Jaane Kiya Daur Hai Kiya, Kiya Log Hain Kiya Kehte Hain!

Kiya Qiyamat Hai Ke Jin Ke Liye Ruk Ruk Ke Chale
Ab Wohi Log Hamen Aabla Pa Kehte Hain!

Koi Batlao Ke Ek Umr Ka Bichra Mehboob
Ittefaqan Kaheen Miljaye To Kiya Kehte Hain!

Yeh Bhi Andaze Sukhan Hai Ke Jafa Ko Teri
Ghamza Wa Ishwa Wa Andaaz Wa Ada Kehte Hain!

Jab Talak Dur Hai To Teri Parastish Karlen
Ham Jise Choo Na Saken Us Ko Khuda Kehte Hain!

Kiya Ta'ajub Hai Ke Hum Ahle Tammana Ko Faraz
Woh Jo Mehrum -E Tamanna Hain Bura Kehte Hain!

Translation :

Ah, Lament those who call my wounds in the path of love, a wound!
Oh, these crazy times, these strange people! Know they not!

I feel devastated,
Tehe same companions for whom I paced slowly, caringly treaded
The path of love!
Those same beloved companions call me disabled, wasted!

Oh, tell me, please tell me
What do I say when my most beloved  sees me after I had lost all hope of
Meeting him ever!

Oh, How do I describe thine beautiful heart reaching style,
Like a look of the eye,  Curve of your sweet mouth, style of the way you turn your head away
 From  mine  , O beloved!

Let me worship thee in all abandon,
Till such time I cannot touch,
Lest I touch and' No longer you are divine, untouchable,
Like  a god!

Well, Why are you surprised O Faraz ?
Whence  the unfulfilled in desire and the way of love call you a lover!

Yeh Aalam Shauq Ka Dekha Na Jaye
Woh But Hai Ya Khuda
Dekha Na Jaye!

Yeh Kin Nazron Se Toone Aaj Dekha?
Keh Tera Dekhna, Dekha Na Jaye!

Hamesha Ke Liye Mujh Se Bichar Ja,
Yeh Manzar Barha Dekha Na Jaye!

Ghalat Hai Jo Suna Par Aazma Kar
Tujhe Ai Be Wafa Dekha Na Jaye!

Yeh Mehrumi Naheen Paas-E Wafa Hai
Koyee Tere siwa Dekha Na Jai!

Yehi To Aashna Bante Hain Aakhir
Koi Na Aashna Dekha Na Jaye!

Faraz Apne Siwa Hai Kaun Tera
Tujhe Tujh Se Juda Dekha Na Jaye!


Oh the intensity of passion,
My eyes cannot bear to look
At your celestial bieng!
Nor my heart  touch thine divine beauty!
But in a dream!

O, my beloved how do you see towards me
I cannot bear the intensity of thine eyes!

Please, please leave my heart forever
 I cannot but bear your parting once!

I cannot believe the false tales they spread
I cannot test you and find you unfaithful!

I am but eternally faithful to you
This is, my unbound, faithful love!

O my beloved is eternally jealous
If I find any new glance!

O Faraz ,
Who is your best friend but yourself!

Meherzaidi, translator.

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