Friday, January 1, 2010

Mosques Of Punjab...Sequel To Mosques Of Lahore.

Maryam Zamani Masjid (Lahore).

This is also known as Masjid Begum Shahi. This was built in the year 1023 A.H. by emperor Jehangir for his mother maryam Zamani , who was the daughter of Raja Behari Mal and was married to emperor Akbar (Aieen-e Akbari).
It is located close to the eastern gate of the Lahore Fort, opposite the Eastern Wall. This gate was originally known as Masiti gate,meaning masjid gate, but is now falsely known as Masti gate.
This mosque has three domes. The central dome is the larger one. There are heavy arches which represent the Pathan architectural style.
It's gateways, the balconies and the flanking rooms are built in the Mughal architectural style.
' Built in bare brick using mortar, the building carries five double domes, the central one bieng supported by a 2.75m high neck. all the four corners of the building have square burj surmounted by cupolas, in place of usual minarets. They rise  to the height of about 4.5 m, though lower than the pinnacle of the central dome."
 the mosque is built in the square style of the Jami masjid.there is a  rectangular  courtyard, with a central ablution tank.
There were three entrances to the mosque, two of which have been blocked to provide room accomodation.
The interior.
The third gate  is on the eastern side and is still open to provide entrance.

The mosque   was converted by Ranjit Singh into a gun powder factory but was restored to a mosque  by muslims in 1850. It is also, therefore known as  a Barud Khana Wali  Masjid.
The work of fine filigree on Dome .

The magnificient domes.
(Reference; Historic Mosques Of Lahore; Ihsan H. Nadiem, Google Images).

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