Friday, January 15, 2010

My Thought Process.. Faraz And Ali Wasif !

Faraz Writes :

Raateein Hain Udaas Din Karde Hain
Aye Dil tere Hausle Bare Hain!

Aye Yaade Habib Saath Dena
Kuch Marhale Sakht Aapare Hain !

Rukna Ho Agar Tau Sau Bahane
Janaa Ho Tau Raaste Bare Hain!

Ab Kaise Bataen Wajhe Girya
Jab Aap Bhi Saath Ro Pare Hain!

Ab Jane Kahan Naseeb Le Jaen
Ghar Se Tau Faraz Chal Pare Hain!


Oh, how does my heart endure
These sad nights' pain,
These tough days' toil?

Only the  passion of my beloved's love
Gives me the strength to face with fortitude
The tough and undesired decisions!

Stay and find a hundred reasons
Go away if you want
The door is open!

My laments have lost it's meaning
Whence we both weep together!

Let's see where our destiny takes us
Now that I have abandoned my home!

Sukoot- e  Sham-e Khizaan Hai Qareeb Aajao
Bara Udaas Samaa Hai Qareeb Aajao!

Na Tum Ko Khud Pe Bharosa Na Hum Ko Zome Wafa
Na Eitabare Jahan Hai Qareeb Aajao!

Rahe Talab Mein Kisee Ko Kisee Ka Dhiyan Naheen
Hujoome Hamsafaran Hai Qareeb Aajao!

Jo Dashte Ishq Mein Bichre Woh Umr Bhar Na Mile
Yahan Dhuan Hi Dhuan Hai Qareeb Aajao!

Yeh Aandhiyan Hain Tau Shehre Wafa Ki Khair Naheen
Zamaana Khaak fishan Hai Qareeb Aajao!

Faqeehe Shehr Ki Majlis Naheen Ke Door Raho
Yeh Bazme Pire Mughan Hai Qareeb Aajao!

Faraz Door Ke Suraj Ghuroob Samjhe Gaye
Yeh Daure Kam Nazaran Hai Qareeb Aajao!


The night is still, sad evening engulfs
Come near to me! For solace!

I do not pledge my love, neither you trust yourself
Nor do we trust this world,
Come near to me! For trust!

In this worldy selfishness no one cares for nobody
Every one is but a fellow traveller,
 Come near to me! for companionship!

All the beloveds lost in love's way
Never found!
All is but a lost memory, hazy
Come near to me! In memories!

My  lovable, loving city is not immune to disaster
Till such time that this destructive wind blows
These spread only dust!
Come near to me! For comfort!

This is not a place for the sermon giver
Come near to me,
This is but a lamenter's abode!

O, these times are but of darkness eternal
All the  Sun's of knowledge set!
Come near to me ! For sight!

Syed Ali  Wasif presented some pensive paintings in his 'Pakistanis are not terrorists ' Series.When I see his paintings I thought of these poems of Faraz.
Self Portrait.
An aged face of a woman.
Meherzaidi, translator.

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