Sunday, January 17, 2010

Modern Art Feast ...Pakistan.

The Three Graces.Sophiya Khwaja.Immigration In An Envelope.

The Viewers' Joy!

The feast of modern art abstract  paintings by Sophiya Khwaja at the 'Peace Niche Art Gallery' on the T2 F (  shows the excellent expressionism adopted by the Pakistani painter. From painting to painting, from etching, gouache, collage, to mixed media, the artist uses very well defined, concepts and lines, cubes, coloured spaces, interjecting with pastels, nuetrals, to express the sentiments of "the social biengs, humans" in a strong and clear social comment. The male and female figures, falling, climbing, standing, looking and dancing come alive, almost as if on a live television screen. One is left with no choice but to interact and feel, be inside the subject's mind and  be totally 'affected'.
should this expression be used as a therapy into the soul, or a mere experience in the social milue it is describing I do not know, but the effect on the viewer is profound. figurative work by the artist is very delicate, well defined, outlined and the movement as if walking, climbing, jumping , falling and dancing is almost real and realtime. The artist makes you aware of the  urban, modern dwellers dilemma. It is almost as if one is experiencing the day to day mundanities and yet the excitement of modern urban living with it's taboos, dilemmas, 'Forced Gridlock' as the artist labels her exhibition. The relationships in between humans, individual and society, small communities or larger social groups , men and women is 'Expressioned" in a most charming way. I feel the artist is a great painter from Pakistan but 'Universal' and 'Global' in her  reach.
Gustav Klint, A modern Master par excellence.

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