Friday, February 18, 2011

Love's Sweet Endearments.

Meher Zaidi, the poet.
As  I feel the touch of thine strong fingers on my neck 
Holding its nape in your hand
Gently caressing my hair silky in your grip
The love in my heart swells deep into my breath
The sweat of longing fills my bosom 
The sweet desire of  love's first bloom fills my heart

Oh, my beloved come near me and lie by my side
As I smell the sweet rain falling on the sand
The gentle droplets falling on my breasts
I feel thine sweet love in my heart
A heart that is as pure and pristine as a pearl
Enclosed in a shell deep in a blue sea
Hidden, waiting, untouched
A heart that is as pure as the inside of the rose bud before it is opened
A heart that is untouched
Untouched by desire or lust
A heart that has just started living
A heart that is ear to your sweet endearments of love
My heart is turning towards you 
As  a dewdrop that touches the beloved's sweet lips first time in spring
As  the tinkering sound of a bell in the morning
As a ray of sunshine when it touches a beauteous cheek
Or a teardrop that falls from the dark, dark eyes.

Come and lay by my side gently 
Hold my hand in yours, warm and strong
Comfort me and promise me
That you will never leave me
That you will be my anchor
In life's tempestuous waters
Promise me that our love will stay forever
Above prejudice, mistrust and sorrow
Promise me that our love will live forever
Always till death do us part
That your sweet kisses will wipe away the tears
 That your love's sweet endearments will wash away the sorrows
 Sorrows that sometimes are our fate

Oh my beloved
I feel thine strong fingers on my cheek and hear your caressing voice
Knocking gently open the door
To my love's untold hidden pleasures
 Pleasures that are way above the body
Pleasures that reach deep into our souls

As the rain falls first intensely and then gently
Like the tears in a beloved's eyes after a parting night
Parting that leaves unfulfilled the lovers' sweet desires
Parting that forces the forlorn kisses to be the fate
I feel for your strong hands on my face
 Touching . caressing, finding my features
I feel your sweet, heady breath on my lips ever so closer
I can see that your closed eyes cannot see what I see
But the pounding of your heart sings to me a song
So sweet and full of love's sweet endearments
As your strong fingers curl and hold my hand
I hear your heart's passion rise
Like the crescendo sound of the rain falling
The sweet sweat of love breaks upon my brow
Drowning all my life's painful sorrows

My bosom fills with unfulfilled desires deep
Desirous of the longing for your kiss on my cheek
And sweet endearments and whispers in my ear
Of promises to be kept
Of love's eternal hold on my heart
Endearments that will stay forever
Till death do us part.

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