Friday, February 25, 2011

A Sweet Lovers Quarrel.

Drifting apart,
Like the few twigs that spread away 
On a floating raft
A raft on a lazy lake
We spent our lovers' days and nights together
Lazing, loving and  searching
Searching for the divinity in our mortal love
Searching for the eternity in our fleeting desires
Gripping at the hands, groping the love
Catching the moments in our passions warm and tender
Hoping , just hoping that all this will last a lifetime
Catching the drops of sweat falling sweetly, warmly over the softness of your earlobes and then your cheeks
 Cheeks flushed with our lovemaking
Cheeks warm in our pleasures
Catching the sweet drops of sweat of our lovemaking with our tongues
Drinking the wine of love
We both clung to our parts of the floating raft
Our raft of life
Our raft of love
Life on this still lake of love was a dream
And now we are caught
In this lovers' quarrel
Each in his sphere of life
Clutching to our egos
Love is hiding there, somewhere
Beneath our bed's crumpled, heady smelling, sheets
Love is residing somewhere, there
In the sweet smelling corners of our bedroom
I feel the heady warmth sometimes
I feel it when you drink out of my cistern of love that is the fountain
I feel it when sometime you inadvertantly kiss my mouth in sweet pleasures of the body
I feel your love sometimes
I clutch at the feeling of love
I cling to your soul 
In moments such as these
When our tongues meet
But then we drift apart
Like autumned leaves, like drifting twigs
On a still, still lake
A lake that looks peaceful and pristine
A lake that is cold and blue
A lake that is the beauty of the landscape
I still remeber the sweet love's first embrace
 That you gave me on Saif ul Maluk
On the Majestic Malika Parbat
Where you held me and kissed me
I feel the warmth that engulfed my body, my soul
Even as my feet, though booted touched the icy cold waters of the water springs and the lake
I feel your kiss , even today
It keeps me going
Even as we quarrel
A lovers sweet quarrel
It keeps our love alive 
That sweet kiss.

 Picture taken by Meherzaidi, the poet.

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