Friday, March 4, 2011

I Want My Time Machine.

I Want My Time Machine Now This Moment
I Want To Go Fast Forward
Flying Quietly Into New Galaxies
Landing Into Unexplored Spaces
Spaces Of Our Mortal Lives
I Want To Be The New Alien
In The New Unexplored Universe
I Want To Touch The Stars

We Each One Float In Our Spaceships
Rotating, Vibrating,
Up And Down
Gyrating, Exploding
Dancing In Our Worlds
Our Worlds So Apart
Just Like The Time Spaced Galaxies
Each In its Own Time And Space

I Want My Time Machine  Just So, 
Just This Once
Just In This Lifetime
So That I Can Reach You In Future
Always, Forever
I Want To Reach Those Stars
Those Stars  That Shine Bright In Your Eyes
Just In This Lifetime, Just This Once
I Want To Love You Eternally

With All The Galaxies And Exploding Stars Around Us
I Feel Your Love
In This Time
I Want My Time Machine
So That I Can Be With You Differently
Like A New Alien
Exploring New Horizons
Each In Our Spaceships
Reaching Across The Universe
Touching Our Hands In Love 
In Time And Space
Across Mortal Barriers

I Want My Time Machine 
To Love You In Future And 
In eternity, Forever.

Meherzaidi, The Poet.

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