Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mera Khayal Pani Pani.. The glass wall of water.

As the cool water of the pool touches me gently
As it laps gently across my chest, touching, caressing my heaving bosom
I think of you
I think of your sweet smile
I think of your sad big eyes
Tearful as I left
Your hands warm and loving across my face 
Touching my warm cheeks
For the last time
As if preserving the memory
To never let it go
Never to let go of the love that has become like the strong, banyan tree
That stands firm in rainy storms, 
Stands strong in the lightening thunderstorms
Stands strong in the shaky earthquakes
Stands strong between us on the grassy, green , green  hilly expanse of our lives together
The evergreen expanse of our love, eternal

The rain falls across my window
Quietly, gently
Singing a rhythmic melody
Crescendo and then tinkling
Like the fairy tale bells that rung oh ever so sweetly as you held my hand
For the first time
I trembled
My body quivered 
The sweet ecstasy of love shook my weak and frail heart
The stars exploded all around
I was a Princess in a moment of joy
You became my Prince.
The rain fell.

As my feet feel the cool sand of the beach
As the gently lapping waves of this beautiful Arabian Sea touch my weakening feet
I think of you
I raise my hand towards you
To touch you
I know you are raising yours too
This instance, this moment
To touch mine across the oceans, across the seas
Hands that touch like across a prison wall glass
Cold wall in between
Does not exist
It is gone
But the feelings of lovers warmth remain
Eternal, etched in stone
Across the cold , cold, steely glass wall
I feel your hand
Across the vast and blue, tempestuous water s of the oceans
I feel the warmth of your raised hand
I feel your love reaching out
To my body, heart and soul
I feel your love
As the gentle waves of the pool by the sea lap against my breasts
I feel thee, I love thee
My friend.

Our hands touch and the wall of glass falls splintered ,away
Our prisons of separate existence are set free
 Yes we each one are prisoners in our mortal bodies
Our souls imprisoned in our existentialism
The existence of Id and ego
The existentialism of you and me
Inside our own prison walls
In the existential cage of our souls
And yet my heart reaches out
Gently, warmly
Across the seas
Across the oceans
 To thee
Free, My thoughts fly
Free as bird
Across the ocean sky
Towards you
Across the seas
Across the oceans
Across the continents 
Across the existential barriers 
To reach out for love
To touch our imprisoned souls 
Across this glass wall of water.

Meherzaidi, the poet.

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  1. A passionately emotional poem..Qatra Qatra beh jaata hai/ ankhon mein jo pani hai.....