Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Want to Cross Over Da Moon Wid U

 A Love Song
By Meherzaidi
Man, I wanna cross ova da moon wid u 
Tonite, today, now
Man , dis ma dream 
Like a bold , wild painting, splashing Red
 Singin ma songs for u
 Man , wanna spread dis Sun for u
 Ova my face, ma lips
Savour da sweet salt of da sea on ya sweet sexy lips
 Man I wanna cross ova da moon wid u

Man, I wanna share my joys in ma breasts wid u
 Like a loving ma to a child
 Man, I wanna share ur sorrows
Man, I wanna kiss u nite and day, foreva
Man, kiss me, love me , dont eva let me go , Now

Man, I wanna be ur lover , only , foreva, now
Man , dont go eva away, away from me
Hold ma hand, tight and warm
Feel my love , Man

I wanna be in ur arms for eva
Touching da stars 
I wanna lay down by ur side , each and every night
Till I live
Man, I wanna cross ova da moon wid u , love!
The Moon and the Earth, Gauguin.

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