Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh, Who Burns My Garden?

Anjum Zia,,, The Poet!(This poem was written in 1992, stands true today.)
Watan Ki Rah Mein Kante Bicha Diye Kisne?
Bharee Bahar Mein sholey Ugga Diye Kisne?

Jinhe Zameen Ko Rashke Falak Banana Tha,
Woh Tabnak Sitarey Bujha Diye Kisne?

Yeh Shehre Noor Ke Ehle Nazar Ka Maskan Tha,
Chura Ke Us Ke Ujaley Mitaa Diye Kisne?

Woh Jin Ki Chaoon Mein Raahi Sukoon Se Sota Tha,
Hare Bhare Woh Gulistan Jala Diye Kisne?

Lagi Hai Aag To Ghar Ke Chiragh Se Anjum,
Jala Ke Ghar Ko Fasane Bana Diye Kisne?


Oh, who has spread thorns in the pathways of my land?
Who has spread fireballs in the garden in Spring?

Those who were to make Earth the envy of Heavens,

Who has extinguished the shining stars?

Who willed ill of the lamps of light?
Who covered the light with the debris of destruction?

This city of lights which was the abode of the Wise,
Who stole the lights and plunged it into darkness/

And the shade under which the weary traveller slept peacefully,
Those lush green valleys and gardens,who has burnt them?

There is a great din every where under profound silence,
Who  has brought Mehshar at every corner?

This house is burnt by it's own  dweller,
And now he spreads far fetched stories about it!
(Mahshar is Urdu word for judgement day)

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